About Us

The background of Onitor® is rooted in research and science, developing wearable technology with a dynamic platform for the next generation of health and well-being products.

Using knowledge of analytics and algorithms, the technology is sensor-rich for monitoring people and providing accurate data for analysis.

Our story begins in Antarctica in 2010, with a team of explorers and scientists whose mission was to reach the South Pole in the fastest ever biofuel vehicle.

The scientists, from Imperial College, London, were there also to trial technology to monitor the explorers’ vital signs, such as ECG, heart rate, movement and muscle activity with medical quality accuracy to see how their movements performed in sub-zero conditions. (The technology was designed so that the team members didn’t have to be wired up to bulky machines to monitor their health).

On return, this technology formed the foundation for Onitor: to make a meaningful difference to peoples’ lives by providing digital health products and services that are targeted to very specific health needs to help people all over the world to lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Our products are built on a sophisticated digital health platform and uses state of the art technology to provide insights to empower people to make smarter decisions about their health and wellbeing and that of their families.